Tips and tricks to make the perfect hard-boiled egg

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Eggs may be one of the easiest foodstuff processed. Only with the oil and a little salt, fried egg or scrambled egg delights can be enjoyed.

However, simple foods like eggs ever have a special technique for cooking it in order for the results to be perfect and certainly the more evocative taste. Even cultivate the egg perfectly into one of the basic techniques that must be mastered by beginner chefs.

Offered from, one of the basic techniques so that the results of so perfect hard boiled eggs is not directly his seething when removed from the refrigerator.


The egg is boiled directly while still cold will cause the shell to crack so that the water will get into the eggs and cause the results so the eggs are not perfect. Boil using a small saucepan will also make cangkak vulnerable to crack because the egg collided.

In the culinary world, there are two kinds of boiled egg that is Soft hard-boiled egg and a hard-boiled egg. Timeliness as well as temperature time poach is what will determine the outcome so the eggs are half done or completely cooked.

Soft hard-boiled egg is an egg that is arguably still the half-cooked with yellow part that still melt like cheese.

To make the egg white part that is still soft and yellow melt, boil the eggs along with the cold water to boil. Once boiling, turn off the heat and cover the pot used to boil the eggs and let sit for 6 to 7 minutes. Steam trapped in the pot will ripen eggs but retaining the texture his soft.

Techniques from the chef at once food writer United Kingdom origin named j. Kenji Lopez-Alt can also be replicated so that results of the hard-boiled egg is soft. The trick is to poach as normal to the boil then reduce the heat and add the ice cubes into the pot. Boil again until the ice melted for 11 minutes. He believes the technique will produce a soft soft hard-boiled.

Whereas a hard-boiled egg can be said as an egg that has been cooked perfectly but still soft-textured. One of the chef and presenter of United Kingdom Delia Smith advises to poach along with cold water. After simmering the stew over egg let stand six to seven minutes. This will make the egg is completely cooked but not harsh when eaten.

Delia does not recommend cooking the eggs intact in the microwave because it can cause eggs explode in the microwave. Even worse the exploding eggs will damage the engine even injuring the owner. Microwaves can only be used to make processed eggs beaten beforehand.

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