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Klepon is a traditional Indonesia cake that you can find a variety of traditional markets. Klepon sold in the morning, served on top of banana leaves which are still fresh. Klepon is a typical cake round, Indonesia is green, made from rice flour, and has a size only slightly larger than marbles. When you menggingit klepon, you will feel the sensation of sweetness that radiates throughout your mouth, which contains liquid sugar from a residing in klepon. This food is not only delicious, but could make anyone eat it feel hooked.

2. Pancong Cake
Betawi traditional foods became one of Indonesia’s typical cakes that should not be missed. Delicious-very unusual, can even be compared with international pastries served at five-star hotels. The basic ingredients of the cake pancong is actually quite simple, just rice flour mixed in coconut milk. This mixture is then baked on top of the mold that has the shape of the typical. Once cooked, this cake was given a sprinkling of sugar that blends very fitting with a savory cake from pancong itself.

3. Cupcake
This cake is shaped very cute, cute, cute and has a flavor that is very tasty. Cupcake has a sweet and a little sour, because it included a mixture of sticky tape. Usually, at the base of the cupcake used banana leaves for wrapping at once “relaxing”. Cupcake can also be given a dye to make it more interesting when presented.

4. Getuk
Who would have thought cassava which is very cheap and impressed as the food of the common people can be processed into a very delicious cake as Getuk. In Java, there are more than 10 kinds of getuk which all have distinctive shapes and different tastes. Getuk Lindri, call it Getuk Trio, Getuk rolls, and much more. Typically, getuk served with grated coconut or savory melted Palm sugar that could be poured on it.

5. Bika Ambon
Cake that comes from this Field have a typical delicacy that makes you curious. Their texture is very smooth, soft, yet feels supple in the mouth. Bika Ambon also has a very distinctive flavor mix, ranging from sweet, savory, and slightly acidic. The flavor combination is not mutually colliding, but instead creating a harmony that makes us want to continue to eat it. Bika Ambon is usually served with a glass of hot tea or coffee, as a friend of Miss sunny afternoon in Indonesia.

6. Cake Cucur
Simple shape, round with the brown color comes from brown sugar. But don’t get me wrong, once you bite cake cucur, you will not be able to forget the sweet taste that is very elegant. Very sweet, but totally does not make you feel nauseous. Sweet cake cucur very light, so you can devour more than three cakes at once in a one-time opportunity. Sweet taste also does not make you feel full, as if you’re eating chocolate bars. Cucur arguably cake as one of the traditional cake masterpiece from Java.

7. Putu Mayang
Putu Mayang arguably as one of the traditional Indonesia cake that has the most beautiful form. Decorated with bright colors obtained from natural dyes, Putu Mayang is hawker market that essentially belongs to the cheap material, i.e. from sweet red. Served with grated coconut, Putu Mayang most eaten along with a glass of hot tea while listening to Javanese gending chant on the terrace of the House.

8. The pancake Solo
Wide round cakes has typical romanticism of Central Java areas filled with noble character and Eastern values. Pancake specialties Indonesia Solo is made from a mixture of rice flour and coconut milk. The dough is then cooked in an iron skillet over concave. The bottom pancake that is exposed to direct contact with the fire usually lightly browned and crispy taste. Part of it remains white and has a very soft texture, usually sprinkled with banana chunks or meses. Very delicious eaten while still warm.
9. Princess Strait
The color of this food is very beautiful, as beautiful as the food-desserts at five-star hotels. The daughter of the Strait is the typical foods Indonesia originating from the region of Sumatra. This cake has a bright green color that comes from the Pandan leaves and savory as well as sweet flavor that comes from the combination of coconut milk and sugar. Like other traditional Indonesia cake made of rice flour, daughter of the Strait had a chewy texture, somewhat sticky, but still very delicious to eaten as a snack.

10. Diamonds
If Western countries boast of their distinctive chocolate delights, then Indonesia’s got diamonds, sweets are no less delicious with chocolate Cadbury. Diamonds are a traditional Indonesia cake made from glutinous rice mixed sugar, colour brownish very arousing the appetite of people who see it.

Once your bite of diamonds, surely you will feel hooked. The sweet taste that radiates throughout the mouth combines with suppleness texture glutinous rice very tasty enjoyed on the mouth. Typically, a diamond is perfect served as an appetizer or a light snack in the afternoon.

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