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Indonesia consists of many islands and provinces. There are five large islands and more than thirty provinces, and each Province has its own unique traditional food. Your journey to Indonesia would not be complete without the traditional food.
Here are some foods that should not be missed when in Indonesia:
Jakarta, the capital of the State, or as a native people known as Betawi, have a crust of Egg as traditional foods. These foods can not easily to be found in Jakarta are scattered throughout the city. The crust of Egg will be easy to found in June and July when Jakarta celebrates its annual festivals. The celebration usually lasts in Kemayoran, and there will be many people who sell Egg Crust. So, if you want to try traditional Betawi, I would advise you to come to Kemayoran in June or July.

Other foods from the Betawi is Bread crocodiles, make bread in the shape of a crocodile. Alligator bread is usually served in a traditional wedding ceremony. In addition to the Egg and bread Crust, there are also Crocodile Ketoprak, and Soto Betawi.
Bogor is a small town near Jakarta. A unique traditional food is hot and Bogor. In contrast with Egg Crust, you almost can find these foods anytime you want. Just come to the city asked the local people to guide you to a place that sells hot and Bogor.

From traditional food is another of Indonesia Palembang. The province is located on the island of Sumatra. This food is so popular that you don’t have to go around the island had to try this one. There are many people of Palembang in Jakarta or in another city that sells food.
Bandung, capital of West Java, has many traditional foods. Vegetables are one of them. Fresh vegetables are fresh vegetables accompanied with chilli sauce or you can also say spicy sauce. Many believe that the people of Bandung, commonly referred to as Sundanese, will fight live in the Park vegetarial because these vegetables,
The traditional food of the other famous Bandung is wrapped in rice, comro, batagor, peuyeum, etc. Rice is wrapped in rice wrapped in banana leaves, usually served with fried chicken, fresh vegetables, and chili sauce or spicy sauce. Peuyeum, soft and sweet flavors, made from the fermentation of sago. Batagor, also referred to as baso fried tofu, is meatballs and fried tofu with peanut sauce.

Gudeg is another food that came from Yogyakarta. Gudeg made from young jackfruit cooked traditionally from Java. Like other Java food, salty rather than sweet gudeg. Other materials accompanying other than young jackfruit is the egg, tofu and tempe. People usually eat rice with warm gudeg. If you have the opportunity to come to Yogyakarta, don’t miss to try this food because of Yogyakarta is also known as Gudeg city.

Rawon rice is typical of East Java. Rice is rice soup Rawon beef are dark colored. The dark color of the soup comes from the kluwek pea seeds. The spicy rendang or beef came from Padang, West Sumatra. The desert is famous for spicy food, and many foods that use coconut milk as an ingredient.

Traditional food of Indonesia is another brain-the brain. The food is made from steamed fish wrapped in banana leaves. You can find a sense of the brain-the brain in Serang. In addition to the brain-the brain, Serang is also famous for its Fish Whitefish. Be sure not to miss it when visiting the city.

The above mentioned foods are traditional native food of Indonesia made with any combination of mind and taste that will provide a culinary experience and taste for you. How? If you are interested to try it out?

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