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The meatballs … Hear the words of meatballs surely we would all think about a food that the shape is round and comes from beef. Hmmm.. In general it is true that way. But it turns out that currently the meatballs not only round, and also not only comes from the beef as well. As more and more creative human beings today, so that the meatballs made of variations of that very much.


Typical foods Indonesia meatballs, is one of the foods people where all walks of life loved it. Lots sold from artisan to artisan circumference meatballs meatballs that are in fact also the mall restaurant. Very delicious eaten when in hot conditions, especially coupled with the sauce will increasingly give the impression of an unforgettable culinary delights. Better fit again when cold or rainy atmosphere. Hehe … Well here is a variety of variations of the meatballs that I can collect from different sources. It may not be all that I have discussed because very many variations.

  1. Beef Meatball this is the standard form of meatballs. Beef Meatball soup that is usually served with special spices. Can be mixed with noodles or not, depending on taste alone. This is a variation of beef meatballs the most numerous among other variations. And also many other Meatball variations made the material essence of beef.


  1. Poor Meatballs Meatballs this one was no less popular with beef meatballs. Other designations is Unfortunate vegetable fritter. The hallmark of Meatball is the existence of this poor cracker dumplings.


  1. Uric uric Meatballs Meatballs of beef stuffed with chopped meat and tendons or veins tetelan rough. So in the texture feels rough. So that part of their tendons and veins are sometimes still visible and also could still be felt when we eat it.


  1. Chicken Meatballs meatballs Certainly uses basic ingredients chicken, because of his name we can figure it out. Meatball is also quite popular with the community. The texture of the ball is a little messy though still round. This could be an alternative for people who don’t like with beef.


  1. Fish a fish Meatballs Meatballs is a variation popular in addition to a hefty Meatball beef Meatball. Can be used as an alternative for people who do not like beef. So can still eat meatballs. The fish is often use for materials are primarily fish mackerel. The color white is usually more meatballs and any size smaller than regular beef meatballs.


  1. Devil’s Meatballs

Meatball is not derived from the devil Yes comrade. And also the brother of carpenters ball is not Satan too. Because basically this same meatballs meatballs with the others, it’s just a very large size and need special power to be able to spend it


  1. Egg Meatballs Meatballs egg is a variation of beef Meatball who almost certainly available in the meatballs. Its size is usually of boiled chicken egg but larger slightly, because it contains one Meatball eggs boiled whole.


  1. Mines generally Meatballs meatballs beef Meatball equals normal. It’s just inside the ball there are mines in the form of cayenne pepper that can explode when exposed to bite us. But this fact can give its own sensation for the connoisseur of meatballs. Because as its name implies, namely meatballs mines, so we like to feel exposed to the trap when we bite the chilies in the ball.


  1. Meatballs Meatballs Tennis and tennis? What does it mean? What is a tennis ball made of baksonye? Of course not. The intent is to keep ball made from beef, but a fairly large size roughly as big as a tennis ball. Mantab khan?! Can usually be filled with poached eggs or no contents.


  1. Know Meatballs Meatballs know generally has two variations. I.e., the ball is put into the idea, and it could be him served with Meatballs in gravy.



  1. Comberan comberan Kok Meatballs? Tau comberan khan? Comberan it is got or gutter. So from the name alone we can already imagine kalo this must have a Meatball soup that the colour is like water comberan. IE berwaran dark or blackish. Because it is unlikely the abang tukang ball using water comberan to the broth mixture. Can-can at the hazy wants to buy.


The black color on the gravy Meatball soup rawon mixture is produced. So it’s no wonder if the color of the broth becomes black. Oh yes this Meatball is usually served with a mixture of noodles and chicken bones.


  1. the food Usually Penyet Meatballs dipenyet – this is the chicken penyet or ribs. But this time the dipenyet were the meatballs. This is one of the variants of the meatballs that are not necessarily exist in every region. The way of presenting it is similar to chicken fried meatballs, namely penyet then served with sambal. Usually chili sauce used is sambal terasi. These meatballs are not mixed with noodles or soup meatballs as in General. Because these meatballs served with plain white rice that is still warm and also with vegetables.


  1. Meatballs Rambutan Meatballs let alone this?? Perhaps this is a question that comes up in the hearts of most temen-temen readers. Once again don’t get stuck from the name Yes friends, because this Meatball is not from fruit rambutan. But the meatballs were made by way of a ball in the cover or clad with noodles. Then fried. So here’s the noodles after frying it resembles the shape of the hair. These meatballs are served with no sauce. Because this kind of Meatball suitable as a snack for your coffee or tea in the afternoon. It can also be added with the spicy sauce to give extra sensation.


  1. Bird’s nest Meatballs in accordance with its name the meatballs this one had a similar livery with quail egg. Because these meatballs made from beef mixed with the addition of vegetables, then in the form of a round-round so that would seem to resemble the eggs of quail. When it is served in the Bowl will be added with vermicelli noodle and vegetable pieces, so the circumstances inside the Bowl will look like a bird’s nest complete with eggs.


  1. Meatball Eggs half-cooked egg half-cooked meatballs I actually is the same as the other egg meatballs. IE the meatballs contain one whole poached chicken eggs. But the difference is that this one contains the Meatball eggs that is still half done with yellow eggs that her condition is still liquid. So when this Meatball is cut this egg yolk will flow into the gravy Meatball. But for those of you who do not like half-cooked egg, I recommend not to try it, because it feared could cause nausea because it does not stand the fishy smell that still exists on the half-cooked egg.


Indeed reply talking about food Indonesia never endless. Also included with the meatballs. Although it was said these meatballs beginnings did not come from Indonesia, but with

development of meatballs have become one of the typical foods of Indonesia. Because the meatballs already inherent and ingrained with Indonesia.


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