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Already enough nutrient content contained in your daily food menu? Rarely the person who pay attention to this. Important the stomach feels full, so what is consumed accidental do not meet what is needed by the body. Not only children who need adequate nutrition, even elderly adults no matter the case. This sometimes is often overlooked.

A balanced menu is a menu consists of a wide range of foods in the appropriate portion of the amount and thus meet the nutritional needs of a person to the maintenance and repair of the cells of the body and the life process as well as growth and development. How much each person’s nutritional needs are certainly different, depending on the age, gender and activity that is done.
1. Carbohydrates
It is the main source of energy for the body. The energy your body needs it is recommended approximately 60% comes from the source of carbohydrate. Food sources of carbohydrates: rice, wheat, potatoes, cassava, sweet potato, bread etc.
2. Protein
Protein is the main substances in the formation and growth of body tissues. Protein can be obtained from animals (animal protein: egg, meat, milk, cheese, fish, etc.), and can be obtained from the plant (vegetable protein: nuts, seeds, wheat, etc.).
3. Fat
Including the source of energy for the body, a high consumption of fat from foods is likely to raise levels of blood lipids which carries an increased risk of developing coronary heart disease. Food sources of fat derived from meat, eggs, corn oil, peanut oil, soy, fish, milk etc.
4. Vitamin
Vitamins are substances that can not be produced on the body. Although our body needs vitamin belongs to the little we still had to pay it, because the function of vitamins can not be replaced by other substances. Vitamins are needed for growth, reproductive, and immune. Vitamins provide energy but not act as a regulator (regulatory function). When kekurang body can suffer vitamin a deficiency or Avitaminosis.
5. Mineral
Minerals serve as the ingredient forming various body tissues, such as bones and teeth (Ca and P), hair, nails, and skin (S), red blood cells (Fe). The mineral also serves for the process of blood clotting, body metabolism, balance the acidity of body fluids. When we lack minerals, the body can suffer from diseases of deficiency.
6. Water
The human body contains water of around 60%-65% of the weight of the body. Water is very important for the body because the water serves as a medium of various chemical reactions in the body, transporting nutrients to various networks, carrying the rest of metabolism out of the body, and as a solvent in other compounds. Water can be retrieved directly with drinking water or from consuming fruit or vegetables.
Energy needs on adult 1700-2250 calories. To prevent the occurrence of disease of the disorders of the metabolism of the need to balance the energy input in accordance with the needs of the body, so that is not the case of hoarding energy in the form of fat reserves in the body. These are substances that your body needs:
RI Department of health recommends that a person needs to eat various foods. As for the diversity of food is a dish that consists of at least 4 food groups namely:
1. one or more types of 35% carbohydrates such as rice, maize, wheat, cassava, potato, sago, etc.
2. One or more 15% Protein such as beans, tempeh, tofu, eggs, fish, meat, and so on.
3. one or more types of food groups fruits vegetables 35% + 15% as a source of vitamins and minerals such as bananas, apples, papaya, Orange, and so forth. vegetables carrots, spinach, kale, etc.
One type of food recommended for the fulfillment of a balanced nutritional food ingredients is called with the side dishes. These food ingredients meet the needs of the body’s protein. Can be obtained from vegetable products such as nuts, seeds, wheat and also obtained from animal products such as eggs, cheese, meat, fish. Every cell and organ in your body requires protein. Because protein is one of the most important nutrients that are required of the body as an energy source, helps increase muscle mass, hormone production, as well as build, maintain, and replace the damaged body tissues.
In the daily main meals you consume is about 2-4 times the servings. The expected 15 percent of a plate of food that you eat is composed of protein. Prepare a menu balanced in Your daily meal portions sometimes feels cumbersome, as it requires extra time and energy to prepare it. To meet the needs of protein, So Good presents a wide variety of products ranging from animal protein-chicken, bacon, even seafood. How to process an easy and practically make you do not have to bother to prepare side dishes with raw animal protein. Especially if you have children who are currently in its infancy, note so that the needs of protein would be sure. For kids, you can choose a product So Good that appeal to them, such as nugget alphabet series or animal series. Eat at once learning definitely so much more exciting.
Of course in addition to fullfill the needs of nutrition, healthy life pattern you have to do it anyway. Get used to wash hands, regular exercise and always monitor the ideal height and weight are some of the supporters you can do. On January 25, was designated as a National Nutrition Day, hopefully Indonesia Society gets increasingly realize the importance of a balanced nutritional needs for fulfillment of Indonesia a healthier.

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