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Why a special goat meat according to the Messenger? Whereas according to information mentioned in order that we be careful consuming goat meat because it can cause some disease relapse and grew worse. Actually, goat meat is one of the favorite food of the Prophet Muhammad, the tablets. In fact, through some of the Hadith, the Prophet mentioned the specialness of goats:

• In the goat there is blessing
The Messenger of Allaah ‘ alaihi wa sallam said, “Keep (benefit from) by ye goat because inside are great. (Narrated By Imaam Ahmad)
Not only flesh, skin and goat milk also contains a blessing.
• Some Prophet ever herd of goats
Prophet Shallallahu’alaihi wasallam said, “it is not a prophet sent but he herded goats”. the companions asked, “are you well?”. He replied, “Yes, in the past I was herding goats inhabitants of Mecca with the wages of some qirath” (narrated by Al-Bukhari)
Patience and perseverance when herd goats can shape one’s character being good.

• Goat meat is not harmful to health
What is Sunnah Rasulullah, there must be a huge number of benefits and no harm. It is attested by ancient people are fond of eating goat meat and fat.
Then, why now this goat meat is considered harmful to health?
Actually not a goat meat does not cause disease, but the carbohydrates (for example: rice, rice cake, extra sugar, and sweet drinks) are consumed with meat kambinglah trigger. Goat meat will be safe and healthy for consumption, provided that:

A good way to let the content of vitamin and vast gardens maintained, e.g., reduce use of oil, coconut milk and spices of choice, and note the exact cooking time
• Consumed to taste only and not excessive
• consumed by those who are accustomed to apply healthy living patterns, for example: enough fiber,
regular exercise, a balanced, nutritious diet is not mer * al * drinking & kok ohol, etc. Already answered right, why special goat meat according to the Messenger? It turns out that there is another reason that makes goat meat is very special. Goat meat has many benefits and benefits for the health of the body, including:
• Goat meat is very good for heart health
Research from the American Heart Association States that the goat meat is very good for people who have problems with the heart, because it has a high protein content, the fat content of a healthy body, easily digestible, contains iron, potassium is low, and contain all the amino acids.
• Helps break down cholesterol-saturated
Saturated cholesterol can be minimised when Omega 3 is already contained in the blood, but the Omega 3 can not break down cholesterol that is already formed in the body. Then, how did the goat helped unravel kolestrol? It turns out that only the bonds of soft cholesterol to cholesterol, meaning rough outlines of cholesterol that is already formed in the body will not be parsed by the material but by cholesterol goats only.

• Prevent high blood disease and obesity
Cholesterol goat is useful to outline the cholesterol in the blood are the cause of the disease of hypertension. For patients with obesity, goat meat can be beneficial to excessive burning fat in the body.
• Enhance your skin
Mutton contains natural vitamin C which is not oxidized, where his presence is very important for the skin. Vitamin C oxidizes very important for endurance and development of skin cells, as well as beautifying the skin.
• Increased sense of affection and happiness
Cholesterol goats will make the heart becomes smooth and gentle movement, so that the feeling will be created. Goat meat makes the blood system to be healthy and strong, as well as the thalamus are also strong that the condition is very help create feelings of affection.
• Prevent anemia
Iron is high in meat goat function prevents anemia. In addition, goat meat also contains vitamin B12 which is essential for maintaining healthy red blood cells and niacin.
Well, had known khan why special goat meat according to the Messenger? If so, yuk we consume goat meat! In addition to the value of worship because the Prophet, we are consuming goat meat have also nourish the body. May be useful and we are sorry if there are deficiencies in the submission.

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